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Tribeca  New York

Tribeca New York

If you’re looking for a place that brings you all the conveniences and luxury the 21st century offers all with the charm of a bohemian artist’s city; TriBeca welcomes you home. 

This neighborhood -like many New York neighborhoods- has a rich history that was shaped (sculpted, if you will) by its artsy residents in the 1970’s. As SoHo began to rise in popularity and density, people flocked to TriBeca and took advantage of the vacant warehouses and cheap(er) living to carry on the cycle. So, why not take a page out of their books and become a TriBecan yourself?

La Colombe Torrefaction on Church street

La Colombe Torrefaction on Church street

Trust this city to be able to show you a good time! You can spend your day walking into the bohemian loft of a 1970’s New York artist, taking in the sights of the neighborhood’s all-original industrial architecture, and top-off the experience by grabbing a specialty coffee at one of the many up-scale cafes scattered throughout the city; our guides recommend La Colombe Torrefaction on Church street to get your coffee fix.


After you’re properly caffeinated, you can take that energy and expend it at TriBeca’s Mmuseumm. This museum is not like others in the fact that it specializes in “object journalism”, where a curious array of objects are on display and tell the story of people without needing to say a word. Once you’ve dabbled in object journalism, you can head over to the Whitney Museum of Modern Art where you can gawk at a number of contemplative works, and meander through the hallways without any agenda.  

All that walking has surely rustled up an appetite, head back to town and grab a bite to eat at one of TriBeca’s array of charming and classy eateries. Brush up on your highschool French again before heading to Bâtard, which is arguably one of the city’s most premiere dining spots. Prepare your pallets with Foie Gras Terrine, which pairs nicely with JULIÉNAS domaine chignard ‘beauvernay’, and our guides give their Quail Saltimbocca a standing ovation. Feeling like staying out a little later to enjoy the night-life? Grab a fancy drink at The Odeon, the bartender makes a mean Cosmopolitan, and an even meaner Espresso Martini; think ahead and be sure to have your designated driver appointed or a Lyft prepared.


Tribeca film festival

Tribeca film festival


 Whether you’re an aspiring film-buff, a seasoned-professional, or enjoy a Scorsasse film or two; going to the TriBeca Film festival is a must-see event for all ‘Beca locals. Haven’t quite got your fix yet? No need to panic, you can check out the Tribeca Film Center which was also set up by the same Taxi-driving Robert De Niro -who can sport a mole like nobody’s business

Feeling like being a tourist in your own city? What a better chance to spend a night at the swanky accommodations the famous Greenwich Hotel has to offer! (P.S. Robert De Niro also is to thank for this place as well) Find your way to the hotel’s bar and lounge for a night-cap before kicking your feet up in a room with a complete view of the city (this place basically coined the term luxury). Find a dog sitter, or someone to watch the kids and treat yourself to some room service and revel in the fact that you don’t have to wash your own dishes. 



If you’re sensing an even greater itch for adventure and exploration; you couldn’t be in a better place! TriBeca is an all-round meca for things to do, people to meet, and ways to spend your money. While this neighborhood’s residents once were the starved-artists of the world, it has taken a timely 180 as this neighborhood now houses some of the city’s wealthiest and most famous. 


Looking to add a little personal flare to your luxury loft? Or searching for the perfect automon to pull together your living room and capture the perfect Feng Shui of the room? TriBeca has your back! Your city has a number of high-end retail stores, department stores, and antique/vintage shops alike all call this place home. Head over to Annelore at 18 Jay Street and Greenwich Street if you’re feeling like spending $195 on a tank top might tickle your fancy, and trust in the designers at Stella Tribeca to style your home better than Martha Stewart could- sorry Martha!


The majesty of this underdog of a city lies in the vibrant past that both the buildings and the residents who have been around the longest to watch the area transform. TriBeca now- with a few more people to call it home, new buildings, and in a whole new century still carries its quirks and wears its heart on its sleeve. So, what’s there not to love?



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